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Kristen TUFF Scott




Sept 30th


About the Course

Kristen Tuff Scott story began when she started posting comedic content on her Facebook account. As her popularity grew, she began exploring other social media platforms, including Instagram, Tiktok, and YouTube.

The social media star's growing popularity has attracted a lot of brand collaborations and partnerships. However, she is careful to provide her fans with honest product reviews and even shares when certain products do not work for her.

Kristen was also featured in season 5 of CMT'S reality TV series Redneck Island. Kristen's profile on CMT describes her as the toughest cowgirl who has worked exceptionally hard for all she has. Even though she didn't win the $100k prize, she sure had a great time, and her popularity grew for being in the show.

The reality TV star is also a music artist and standup comedian. In addition, she is a professional horse trainer.

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