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Bryan Martin & Tainted Lyric




Sept 23rd


About the Course

About Bryan Martin

With a blue-collar, everyday working-class background, Bryan Martin lives the stories he writes. Those real-life emotions and experiences expressed in song unquestionably resonate with audiences because the two are one and the same. His sophomore full-length album, Self Inflicted Scars, was released on April 29 with Average Joes Entertainment.

“Songwriting has always just been a hobby – a passion,” says Bryan who is celebrating the success of one of the album’s singles, “Beauty In The Struggle,” which went viral on TikTok — garnering millions of views and over 17 million streams on Spotify alone. The song quickly hit the radar of music industry executives and tastemakers alike. “I started this for fun, but now I’m doing what I love for a living,” Bryan adds. After the release of Martin’s album, Self Inflicted Scars, he has accumulated over 40 million streams on Spotify and over 21 million streams on Apple Music.


Tainted Lyric is an inspiringly-talented Musician who has dedicated themselves to music and performing. Through their unforgettable live performances and impeccable studio recordings, they have honed their technical capabilities and sound to form one unstoppable force in the music world. Find out more about their appearances below.

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